Ten Reasons To Choose Ceramic Window Tinting

Top 10 Reasons to get Ceramic Window Tint in Arizona

Tempe Ceramic Window Tint

You may have heard of the newest product to step into the window tinting scene and you may have not.
Most tint that existed before ceramic products came out are a metallic or plastic based tint. Here are the top 10 reasons to go with Ceramic Window Tint in Tempe, AZ

The name: Ceramic Window Tint
ceramic tint kind of gives away what it is made out of, but how do they do it? The answer, Double layer
nano-ceramic technology. This creates thin, pliable, tinting sheets made of ceramics! Take that pottery
class in high school.

Now you know a little bit about what Ceramic window tinting is, why should Arizonians get it? There are many reasons for Arizonians to go ceramic and I will lay out the top ten for you below.

Before I get into the benefits of ceramic window tinting, just know that it is 15% more expensive than metallic based products on average, but the reason for this rise in price is due to a dramatic rise in quality and when you live on the surface of the sun like we do you need the best of the best. These 10 reasons below will help you to feel confident in your investment.

1. Ceramic Window Tint is The Most Durable Product on the Market

Most tints available are plastic or metallic based, although some metallic based tints do have a hard
shell scratch resistant coating, this protection pales in comparison to the extreme durability of ceramic
window tint. If you have driven around on Phoenix roads for a day, you fully understand the number of
rocks flinging at your vehicle constantly. It will look better for longer than any other product available on
the market. A very good reason why ceramic is worth the investment.

2. Ceramic Window Tint Will Keep Your Car Cooler Than You Feel With Those Blacked Out Windows

Most tints have a heat rejection rating, but no tint comes close to the heat rejection a ceramic tint job is
capable of providing you. It some cases you can achieve a heat rejection rating as high as 80%. If you live in Phoenix, AZ or the surrounding areas, this level of heat rejection should be your top priority. With high temperatures in the summer, sometimes breaking past the 120-degree range, ceramic tint can save you from extreme discomfort.

3. Your Days of Getting A Trucker Tan Are Long Gone

If you have ever driven with your arm out the window for a while, you notice after some time that one
arm is darker than the other. Well, that same thing can happen with your windows up, if you have no UV protection! Most people don’t consider the fact that you are being blasted with UV rays when you drive and in the Valley of the Sun we get a lot of rays. You may not notice because the A/C is blasting, but your skin is cooking if you have no UV protection. Ceramic tints offer UV ratings as high as 99%. Talk about built-in sunscreen and peace of mind when you’re taking any little ones with you.

Tempe Window Tint4. You Are Not Just Protecting You, You’re Protecting Your Car

All of that extreme Arizona heat beating down on your car all day every day has a negative effect on
your car’s interior, especially if you have leather seats. In Phoenix, AZ many people have had to deal
with their seats cracking and foam becoming exposed, due to extreme heat. Proper insulation on your
car will help protect it from the extreme temperature changes that lead to seats cracking. It just might
save you from those crayons melting in your back seat too.

5. You Can Enjoy the Same Shades You Have Always Loved

In Phoenix, people enjoy dark windows, probably due to the sun being our next door neighbor. The good
news is Ceramic tint comes in the same shades you can get on the market today. No need to say
goodbye to your 5% limo tint. There is a ceramic option for you!

6. Ceramic Protects You from the Cold Too

Now we Arizonians know how hot it gets, but come winter time this dessert can get below freezing at
night! If you live up north, or go to school in Flagstaff, you especially will want to hear about this.
Insulation is insulation and ceramic does a great job of this. Not only will it keep the heat out when the
sun is blazing, but it will keep the heat in (from your heater) when it is cold out. This means less time to
warm up your car and no shivering down the road in the morning on your way to work!

7. Stay Safer in Extreme Weather

In Phoenix, we deal with heat more often than cold, but both have their dangers. If your car broke down
in the middle of the summer, the insulation from your ceramic tint would help keep you cool for longer.
Long enough for AAA to come tow you away to a nice air-conditioned shop.

8. Increase Privacy and Security

It’s important to keep the sun out of our eyes in Phoenix, AZ, but it’s good to keep prying eyes away as
well. Most tint gives you the benefit of more privacy. That is nothing new. What is new, is how well
ceramic tint actually reinforces your glass. Picture it like a tempered glass screen protector on your
iPhone. If Mr. Outlaw decides to swing an elbow at your ceramic tinted window, he’s going to have a
bad time.

9. Its Less Likely To Be Installed Wrong

Ceramic Tint is more expensive, which means that these fly by night “tinting companies” that leave trails
of destruction in the form of purple, peeling, bubbling tint jobs are less likely to have what you are
looking for. This means you will actually go to a professional installer. You want somebody that uses a
high-quality brand like 3M and has a lot of experience. No reason to buy the best for a subpar install.

10. You Deserve the Best window tinting in Tempe

Here in Phoenix, AZ we are always fighting the sun. Ceramic window tinting is the best on the market.
With how extreme our weather is, we truly need the best. Getting your windows done the right way
with ceramic tint will ensure that you will be well equipped to handle the sun for years to come.

Now you have it Arizona. The top 10 reasons you should get Ceramic Window Tint. The truth is that we
are in one of the hottest places on earth. The better prepared we are to handle the heat, the better our
day to day lives will be. Window tinting is no joke here, it is a necessity. I hope this helps you decide that
ceramic window tinting is worth the investment. It’s not getting any cooler out there!


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